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Don and Betty Draper Are Over

Wow, that explanation is not how I look at their relationship at all. And after he told her the truth, it seemed as though she really cared and was trying. Am I the only one who saw how she wanted to be a family on Halloween? She was sweet...? Anyway, I think they could have worked through this and their relationship could have finally been legitimate. I know they've been through a lot, but it's been 10 years, 3 kids, and they still have passion. Get Betty a job--she'll be happy, and Don will admire her work, etc etc. I know everyone has their faults, but I am so angered by Henry Francis. This Don-Betty storyline really hurts me on a personal level which I know sounds odd. Is Weiner trying to lure us away from certain perceptions? Because his explanation is ridiculous and I don't even feel like it's coming from the writer.... or that may be what he at first thinks, but it's not how the show has played out in my opinion!