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Gossip Girl Review: Winning!

I am actually LOVING Nola! Lola needs to stick around, Nate needs a GOOD girl


Definitely Once Upon A Time. You can never get enough of Storybrooke ! Soooooooo sad that Graham died though :( Can't wait for its return January 8 !


why not mark and lexie :(

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3 major caracters are going to die !!!

I think it's going to be Jeremy, Alaric, and Matt.

Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler CAN'T DIE. they just can't! i waited so long for tyler's return and I really want him to come back and be with Caroline.

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Meredith's house/roommates

I'm pretty sure they did explain Alex and Lexie and April and Jackson moving in to Meredith's house.

I think Alex was when Izzy bursted into Meredith and Derek's room in a towel and yelling and asking Meredith "Alex is moving in?" Meredith repsonded with "We can't leave Alex out living in wherever he was living. He's one of our people. "

As for Lexie, I think Derek brought her home. Meredith brought Sadie home and Derek brought Lexie home. She had no where to go. Meredith and Derek ended up having a conversations about bringing home a stray. 

As for April and Jackson, Meredith brought them home and it was explained how their friends (Reed and Charles) just died and they need a place to stay.

These stories may not be exact, but it's close enough. At least that was what I got from it.

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Does anyone know the broadcast schedule? (Episodes)

New Grey's Anatomy episode resumes on March 24. Musical episode is on March 31. That's all I know so far. Hope it helps!

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