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Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

"I am really interested how a mature (as writers tend to speak of Blair)girl who says that Serena is a family can go and start a relationship with love of your best friend's life. That is not mature and not friendship." Just to remind you, Serena is 21, 22 at best. to call Dan the love of her life is ridiculous. She's too young to know who the love of her life will turn out to be.
Not to mention that "the love of her life" is completely in love with another girl!
Serena will get over it and live to be happy and very much in love with the next guy.

Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will They Last?

Whether Dair need to last and potentially be endgame- they definitely do.
whether they actually will in the writers hands- who the hell knows.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princess Dowry"

I don't think that Jack gave blood, I think it was Diana.
She's definitely chuck's relative, maybe even his mom.
Jack called her to tell her about the accident...

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Dare to Dair?

Hey all! 

Havent been on in a while but had to come say hi.

Good to see you Magnus :)

Wonder if anyone else here will be brave enough to post their pic...? Go for it!

Ive just seen Penn's cut today and he's looking better, finally.

Hope you're all well.

Ill be around but watching Euro 2012 as well so not as much.

Hugs x

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Dare to Dair?

I've moved on from GG. Lately, apart from 'Girls' I also love 'The Conversatiion' with Amanda De Cadenet which involves pretty honest talks by some very interesting women.

I really have a problem with the writers understanding of what a good show is about. I have no doubt that the CB decision was strongly based on the many young girls who worship Ed Westwick and therefore love Chuck and only watch for him. There's a reason they sent Ed to the Harry Winston opening- he brings in the cash the way that Bieber does it for a lot of teens worldwide.

Its sad because the show's direction in the end was determined by profit rather than quality of story.

When the finale aired in the UK last Monday the Gossip Girl timeline was full of - "Chuck and Blair better end up together or I'll kill the writers" or "Chuck is so hot, I only watch for him".

These are girls who don't care for good storytelling and character development, they just want to see chair piano sex with some sexy pop song pasted on top. They want to watch big vacant romantic gestures and get excited about what Blair's wedding dress will look like and how cute their babies will be.

Unfortunatley this is what society has taught women to want and shows like GG end up perpetuating the stereotype of the shallow woman looking to sit pretty next to her rich and powerfull man regardless of how corrupt or unfaithful he is.

It all makes me kind of sick. 


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Dare to Dair?

I know I keep asking this but but still don't know...does anyone here watch 'Girls'?

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