Hi , I'm Rebecca. 

I live in Belgium , Europe.

I'm a fan of all sorts of drama , comedy and sci fi shows.

Also a huge fan of fanfiction , I personally don't write , but, I love to read.

You can on Livejournal as Skaterke12 or on Fanfiction.net as Kai1994.

Any questions just ask.


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What a dissapointment after all that build-up towards Paige and Emily. Feels like they took one step forward and three steps back right after that. Grtz!


This is just stupid, we already have enough shows on TV that revolve around super powers or supernatural crap.
And why the hell can't the CW pick one show and stick with it?!
Instead of cancelling then replacing them just to CANCEL IT AGAIN.
The CW have been cancelling their best shows for years and that's why their losing so much cash. Viewers won't stick if they know the network is just gonna cancel it if the ratings are a bit down.
Tell those supernatural shows to go to SyFy, it's whole friggin' channel of them there. There are more than enough on CW.
They need to get a friggin' grip and renew Life Unexpected!

PTC Slams Glee for Britney Spears Episode

PTC needs to back the hell off. This episode wasn't a tribute to her mental breakdowns or shitty personal life.
It was a tribute to her musical career.