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Forever friends of Burke & Cristina (Relationships)

Hi girls....

I read in some blog that owen is not equally smart for cristina, is that true? i haven't watched season 5....i did plan not to watch GA after season 3, but the curiosity to watch cristina in action again surfaced so i watched season 4, and enjoyed even though no Burke....

I still wish burke back, specially with gizzie drama nowadays....


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Episode Ideas! (Fan Fiction)

Rumour has it (is it still rumour if usweekly had confirmed?) Izzie & george are leaving the show, the show will never be the same again without addison, burke, izzi, george, no matter what people say about them, they did make GA as the show that we love......if burke ever comes back, he will at least fill a part of the blank spot that izzie & george leave behind. besides it will be interesting to watch to see cristina in the middle of love triagle :-)

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Episode Ideas! (Fan Fiction)

Dont kill me for this....how about bringing BURKE back? :-)

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