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Izz She Gonna Stay?

I don't like the fact that they are messing with my two couple's Mark and Lexie and Alex and Izzie. I love these couple's but the one that I really really love is Alex and Izzie, I've always thought that are a good match Alex was there for Izzie why would he want to mess things up. I know Izzie left, but really if he really wanted to sleep around he should have gotten divorce and not break Izzie heart like that. Katherine Heigl "Izzie" is a beautiful and a good person full of life and if they break up Alex and Izzie then my heart will always be with Izzie. But for the most part I hope they don't take another person that Izzie cares about I mean the killed off her best friend George O'Malley and now it looks like there taking away the love of her life Alex. I love Izzie and I think she is great!!!!