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Major Crimes Review: Mommy Issues

This was a fantastic episode that never let up. I never got a chance to raid the refrigerator - thought I'd miss something. Kudos to the writers and the entire ensemble cast - they just keep getting better and better. And I totally agree with you, Carissa, NO RIOS WAS A TREAT! Does the Major Crimes show runner realize what an annoying idiot they have created and dropped on us/themselves??? DDA Rios' character actually kills each episode - no matter how good it was. I change channels when she comes on. Is anyone listening at Major Crimes???


Hooray!!! I think Scott Foley is terrific! It would have been a scandal if Scandal had NOT signed him! ; )


I tune in to this show because of the obvious bond the squad members have with one another and enjoy all of them in their own right. They are also starting to respect Raynor. However, I caught myself cringing having to watch Mary McDonnell in the Raynor role. While McDonnell is a brilliant actress, she just isn't warm and fuzzy, yet forceful, as Kyra Sedgewick was -which this show needs. This season I hope we get more of the squad and much less of both Raynor and Rusty. As for Rios (lots of negative "r"s here), if the writers' goal was to introduce us to a totally disgusting and useless character, they succeeded. Totally not sure why they needed a Rios with the big, superb cast they already have and Raynor being a legal eagle = Rios seems really redundant. Dump Rios. The writers already made sure no one would miss her. Otherwise, a good start to the season.

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