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Warehouse 13 Review: One Life to Live

I am huge fan of the show but this episode just seemed like a downer. I thought the purpose of this show was to catch artifacts, but with Myka having cancer was a reality. I kept thinking when she told Pete, she was having surgery, why is she going by herself? I would want a family or friend with me.
James Marsters was funny when he said that his shoulder was not healing and it hurts. I wish that he and his son would have stayed to help them fight Paracelsus. Anthony Stewart Head is great as an evil villain. You just want to hate him and as Pete said, chop him up to tiny pieces.
I am wondering as well is how they are going to wrap up all the story lines. I read that it was a six episode season next year. We have Claudia fighting to be the keeper of the warehouse, Myka's cancer, Pete feeling guilty that he was duped and not being able to help his friend. Mrs. Frederick is slowly fading away and also finding out that Claudia has a sister. That is a lot to cover just in six episodes.