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Thanksgiving TV Marathons: What to Watch When

Difficult choice, both favorite shows. Guess I'll keep the remote in my hand and just keep switching stations continuously! NCIS/BONES!

Bones Review: Just Toying With Us

Wow! What a bunch of critical people! B&B are totally believable as a couple and are perfect together. They have finally brought back the humor and chemistry between two main characters and I'm beginning to get over how awful season 6 was! Just have to totally disagree with all the negativity on this site. The case may have been a little weak but frankly I tune in primarily for the relationship moments and the cases, although interesting usually, are secondary. If it weren't for the chemistry between B&B it would be just another crime show!

Nikita Review: A Boy Scout and a Bitch

I've only been watching Nikita for a few months and I have to admit it's getting better just over the short time I've watched it. Used to watch the older Nikita with Peta Wilson and liked that a lot, too. Shane West is excellent. Looking forward to the next episode although disappointed it's already going on hiatus. Hope it comes back!

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