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I enjoyed Callie and Baileys scenes, I thought they were so funny.
I love how bailey feels so comfortable with callie and how she really opened up her vulnerable side to callie. It's good seeing the other side of Bailey. Oh, and when Ben knew just how to handle her!
That he is not afraid of her, and let her know that she will not control the conversation. It will be shared, give and take...He handled her amazingly I thought! I am getting scared for Callie and Arizona, I love them so much but did you see Callies face when she said no kids! It's like Callies world just sank into her chest...The writers just might put Mark and Teddy together long enough to grow Mark up, and make him and callie see that they both want the same thing, kids and marriage. They will be setting us up for them to ultimately become a couple... Mark will have to really grow up, fast!
It may make Arizona re look her views on having kids if it means losing Callie. Callie want marriage eventually. She wants a family, she has always wanted that, even when she was with george.
I hope Callie and Arizona stay a couple,but they are headed for a rocky road, I can see it coming.

Perfect Little Accident

Man, they are going to screw up the perfect couple I just know it...Callie and arizona! They just have to shake things up! Why? Why, I ask you?? Arizona is so perfect for Callie, and knowing callie, she will screw that up for herself. She just cannot see all the things she is looking for, is right there. I mean, Arizona washed the puke out of her hair for crying out loud! Mark could never be faithful. He is good looking, charming, and down right hot, but to make a relationship work, you need more than that. If Callie doesn't wake up and see that she is soooo going to miss out on the perfect gardener for her rose. (Arizona Robbins)

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "The Time Warp"

I agree with the unbelievable stage fright of Callie, she might have some fears of public speaking, but I think they went a little too far. She is far too bold to be that scared. I guess we won't see her singing in front of people any time soon?? I was so looking forward to hearing Sara Ramirez (Callie) singing in the future. Since, Sara can sing her hind end off, (Ms Spamalot, tony award winner) She is amazing! Thought they might incorporate that in the character somehow? Callie would have to be good and drunk, to sing in front of people now...lol Then again, Arizona might be able to get callie to get over any of her fears. (Calliope has finally found some one who really knows her, and loves her anyways!)