Mmm kay where do i start?   I LOVED GG season 1. Like i was known as the girl who was OBSESSED with GG. But i didn't care because it was an AMAZING show which the characters were relatable, the story lines were fun and everything was just so pretty! I admired the characters, because they were all ambitious! This helped me as a person because I became more ambitious!     I really liked GG season 2. There were some episodes that were just AMAZING, I'd say most of them were amazing. But some were just really effed up. What bugged me a lot was the sexism and the fact that two of the characters that had major ambitions (Jenny, Blair) were just totally put down. Jenny never went forward with her fashion thing and Blair's DREAM to go to Yale was just screwed up. Mm kay great.   Season 3 GG, I started off HATING IT! Like it was just so sexist, badly written, too many guest stars, too many OMFG, Blair acting like a brat, you know the problems. But ever since the break I'm loving it! I hope it stays this way! Ever since the break GG has been AMAZING! I'm SO happy! :) I like glee and PLL better nao. Well end that rant! Here's my couples list:   - Chair - Derena - Serenate - NENNY - VUFUS - Jamien - Dair  xoxo svanderwoodsen   Oh yeah and VUFUS FTW :)   HAI SO IT IS NOVEMBER 7TH 2010 AND I AM ON THE CHAT. MY NAME THERE IS "DIS IS SVD BACK IN THIS HIZZ HOUSE"
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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 75

Nina: Oh great, did they confuse me with Victoria Justice again?

Puck and Quinn

love this so much :)
is this in the britt episode?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 109

Nate: Oh my - she's really outdone herself this time
Serena: Um, that's an interesting new look.
Blair: Okay fine, I bough a wig and took some of Jenny's clothes because she is gone and I'm going to dress up as her and make a huge scandal.