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The chemistry between Zoe and Wade is so insane that I will probably explode if they don't hook up soon. I loved seeing that different element of Zoe. Shelley is providing some really good side humour too! The Lemon-Lavon almost kiss scene was just bizarre, although it did further spark my curiousity as to their past. I kind of felt it was teasing at a way to tear Lemon and George apart.

Hart of Dixie Review: Wade for the Win!

This was definitely the best episode so far.
I'm really liking Wade and Zoe's chemistry. But I hope she doesn't overlook him for George. Her and George's friendship and chemistry is developing much more slowly than hers and Wade's. I hope long term George and Zoe end up together but for now I'm definitely liking Wade with Zoe. I think Zoe and Wade will get together and slowly cause George to realise he wants Zoe.
Levon makes this show so entertaining! I'm fascinated to see the storyline behind his and Lemon's relationship. Maybe this will make Lemon less irritating and more understandable. Her need to control is frustrating me! Levon just doesn't seem the type to be interested in Lemon, nor her the girl to throw herself at a football player.
Can't wait to see what progresses in the Zoe/Wade friendship next week!


Ok, I'm getting frustrated by Jenny. She is really getting on my nerves these days. I think Serena deserves to finally settle down, and Nate and Serena has never really happened on the show. It is fresh and I'd really like to see them go steady. I think they make a very cute couple and its taken 3 seasons of waiting to see them together!