What can I say?

I'm brazilian, I'm 21 years old and I love good music and good TV shows.

Gossip Girl is one of them, of course.

I love Chuck and Blair, together and apart xD But I really what them to be together one day.

I'm addicted to them, so, the videos I've made are all about them and are all over youtube. Well, some of them.

Oh, yes. And I'm one of the people that want Vanessa to die. I used to like her, but, please, it was enough when the writters tried to make Natessa happen. Now, Vanessa and Chuck, friends or lovers, whatever, eaw!

This is it ;D

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Chuck and ...

I find so funny when people call Blair a whore, and defend Vanessa V is as bad as everyone in the show
She just likes to play the victim and the good girl when she is sooooo wrong And about B being a whore... She had suffered enough, let her be
Being in love and being faithful never helped her at all


Chuck talked about Brazil and Sao Paulo
I'm already happy for that


I try to hate him
but i just cant!!