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1. Blair's "Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck" to Dan
2. I think Blair is starting to forgive herself, so after Chuck finally see what a prick he was and does something about it...Blair can forgive him.
3. I've hated Jenny since she told Nate about Chuck and Blair, but what has Serena ever done to her?!? Lily has been ruined for me ever since she sent Serena to jail, so I don't really care.
4. It was cute. Dorota and everyone else is cute. But that Dorota/Blair scene?? AWESOME!
5. I hate Jenny, and don't think she deserves Nate, or anyone really. Not even Eric's friendship. I'm not too sure how I feel about Dair as a couple yet,(I'm too scared to accept them) but I've always wanted them to be friends. I think Dan will actually be a good friend to Blair, which I think she kind of lacks when compared to her loyalty. As long as Chair is endgame (and we see more than a single kiss in the series finale), bring whatever on with Blair. Nate, Carter, Dan, Cameron, anybody really.

Frenemy Fight! Team Blair or Team Serena?

The writers may be in love with Serena, but Blair will always be the fan favorite no matter what!!!!!

A Beautiful, Beautiful B

Geez...do I have the world's biggest girl crush on her!!!! Flawless as always!