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Song Beneath The Song (Episodes)

Check out youtube.com for the deleted scenes and episodes.  Also Netflix has them in instant movie so you can watch all 6 seasons online.  They don't have season 7 loaded yet.  I joined hulu.com and watched the season 7.  

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White Wedding (Episodes)

I loved the White Wedding episode.  What was ironic was how Meredith and Derek just went downtown and got it done as just a step to get the adoption process going.  There was no meaning to it at all.  The post it was more emotional.  The wedding between Arizona and Callie was the traditional one with all the bells and whistles.  

It was clear how the producers had them both showing at the same time and switching back and forth to show how just how different they were.

Great episode.  My favorite.



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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

George and Izzy - They deserve each other because they did Callie wrong then did not even stay together.

Mark and the nurse that Derek was seeing who accidently stabbed him in the OR after he dumped her for Meredith.

Alex and Addison

Callie and Arizona

Miranda and an older doctor or nurse - She seems to only get paired up with young guys who are self centered and eye candy.

Derek - he should stay single.  No one can live up to his expectation of perfection.

Christina - She should stay single.  Being a surgeon is her passion.  She does not know how to love anything else.

Lexie and Jackson

Meredith and Christina - Love their friendship.  They are like sisters.

April and Robert - I think he really had a thing for her and was crushed when she did not but he still put in a good word for her for Chief Resident. 

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