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NCIS my favorite

Criminal Minds its my 2nd favorite


One Life to Live very upset that its cancelled

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NCIS Review: The True Meaning of Family

I loved this episode I like how Abby was going to give the kidney and found out she had a brother then she found out she was adopted that was such a heart warming scane at the end.
it nice to see Tony sense of humor back but hes a little more mature I liked when that Landlady wanted Gibbs to go with her and Tony called her a Turkey vulture and she heard him lol that was funny.
I hope we get at least two more season of the show.

NCIS Round Table: "Restless"

I like Ziva however I do think there more episodes about her then the others I sick of seeing her father I don't like him I don't care to see him again.
Tony and Ziva have good Chemistry I do want them together but not yet I think Tony is funny and I like him funny and I love his character hes my favorite.
I also agree Tony is mature he always was when it came to his Job I think Tony puts up walls around him but I love his Jokes around tho so I hope they keep that in and when he teases McGee too

NCIS - Restless Promo

this looks really good