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Weeds Season 8 Scoop: Who is the Shooter?

This show has one more season. Other than that, I'd say it should probably call it quits. I may regret that once Season 8 comes around. As for the shooter, I have two top suspects. 1. Tim - Peter Scotsons son
2. Biker Gang from Season 3 - brother (name I can't remember)

Weeds Season Finale Review: When Will It End?

Okay I just finished watching the season final, and I agree with you on some points. I feel like the luster for this episode wasn't on it's A game. I felt the episode was funny at times and had a story line ending you knew was coming. Since the show hasn't officially been picked up, they had to end it with something that made you wonder if they were done or going to continue. As for the gunman, it's probably someone from Nancy's past. Hired to get her, aka someone from the Mexican mob. After all, she did kill a big player and she took out Esteban's camp. I give this episode a 4 out of 5 stars. It was exactly what I was expecting in a season finale. I also knew that the only way for Nancy to get Stevie was for them to someone live together, which shocker is what happened. Also, Shane being a cop it's just perfect. He's got the character and skill for it. He's been that way since we first met him in season one. I think this show as one more season, but anymore than that I wouldn't say so. They really need to end it well. If they don't get picked up, I want to see the scene where Nancy's death is being investigate and she see her body. Otherwise I'll always think she's alive.

Do Her/Don't Do Her

I made an opps when submitting quotes for Episode 12. The quote you have under this episode for Dean & Heylia actually goes in episode 12 not 13. Sorry about that, I clicked the wrong episode when I submitted it.

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