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NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

My favorite episode this season was "House Rules." I liked that it was McGee-centric and I totally enjoyed the format of a Christmas letter to his (we find out at the end) dead father. I did, as well, enjoy the glimpse into Ducky's past. I do think some care has to be taken to bring Abby into the woman she would be 13 years past her introduction. If it is with the park ranger, that's fine.
I don't think they need a grade. It continues to be among the most consistently entertaining series on TV...nuff said.


Caterina Scorsone is just an excellent actress. She was the shining light of Private Practice and I was so glad she came over to Grey's. Thought the scene where she and Owen listened to the voice-mail was powerful. I loved that this episode turned out to be pretty Meredith-centered. It was a perfect wind-up for a traumatic season.
Jackson and April...time will tell.
Jo and Alex...hope he finds happiness.
Richard and Catherine...why he's happy with her escapes me! She is hell on wheels!
Bailey had a couple great lines in this episode...as always...to Edwards, to Richard.
"Dancing it out..." perfect closing.


One thing not mentioned here is how distressed Abby was when she saw, on the nanny-cam, who killed Luke's adoptive parents. She and Gibbs were able to identify that person--or so it seemed. I don't think it is any "head injury" that causes Gibbs to see and hear Mike Franks. I believe it is Mike's continual mentoring and how else would they show that to us--he's a part of Gibbs' gut. While, yes, Gibbs is the lead agent, these people function as a team and as such I don't think we need to see Tony get "promoted." Once again, it may take Gibbs a while to recuperate, which may put Tony in charge at next season's outset...4 months away!!