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NCIS Season 13 Episode 2 Review: Personal Day

Totally...TOTALLY disagree about McGee. The rest of the review was perfect.

22 Cancellations That Cut Deep

What is with Geoff Stultz shows? Love him, love them...my fave October Road!! How is it not on the list?

NCIS Season 12 Report Card: Grade It!

My favorite episode this season was "House Rules." I liked that it was McGee-centric and I totally enjoyed the format of a Christmas letter to his (we find out at the end) dead father. I did, as well, enjoy the glimpse into Ducky's past. I do think some care has to be taken to bring Abby into the woman she would be 13 years past her introduction. If it is with the park ranger, that's fine.
I don't think they need a grade. It continues to be among the most consistently entertaining series on TV...nuff said.