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I hope we get a future glimpse of Green Arrow and Black Canary together. Maybe Chloe puts on that mask and sees this among other things.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 115

Eva: Oh God! He smells it. Chuck: I knew I shouldn't have ordered her Blair's favorite macaroons.


when Jenny returns it will be just like the first episode of Gossip Girl, she'll return and someone will take her pic at the train station and Gossip Girl will alert everyone of Littel J's return and Blair will be angry and there u go.

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Your Ideas for an It Girl series

I was just thinking......how could they possibly make an It Girl spinoff. My idea is that Jenny could attend fashion school or something. She's a senior now so boarding school is out of the question. I even thought hey, maybe Jenny missed too many classes so she can't graduate so she decides to go to boarding school to do her entire year over. But then she would be older than Brett Callie and Tinsley who would be becoming Seniors. So fashion school is the only thing I could think of. People that want to study the every aspect of fashion; photography, modeling, designing, the buisness side of it attend this school, Waverly "Fashion" Academy lol

People I would cast

-Jenny and Taylor are one and the same duh

-Callie Vernon ~ Alyson Michalka

-Brett Messerschmidts ~ Emma Stone(I know she's a big name actress and this would probably never happen)

-Tinsley Carmichael ~ Nina Dobrev(But she's doing Vampire Diaries sooo)

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Jenny/Nate thread.

N & J were ment for each other.

Nate always gets his heart broken by the girl. He is always in love with the girl that he is with but unfortunate events (VANESSA) broke Jenny & Nate apart. Serena and Bree who Nate loved, left Nate. Im not sure what happened with him and Vanessa but I don't reall care she's irrelevant anyway. Jenny has stuck by Nate forever as a friend and as a girlfriend. They have so much fun together and are cute together. They always hang out and play videogames lol and when they're at events together they look hot. Hopefully Nate realizes that Jenny is the one for him. Maybe the J(Juliet) that he is with in the begining of the season will do the same as Nate's past girlfriends and ditch him so he can be with the other J(Jenny). NATE FTW!!!! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL.

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What Happens to Constance - Season 4

Now that Jenny is going to be gone away for half of the school year what exactly is going to happen to Constance Billard. I mean who's going to run as Queen? Will the new Queen rule with an iron fist? I wonder can Eric be King of Constance lol. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks. XOXO Gossip Girl

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