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True Blood Season 5 Premiere To Be Titled...

I have three ideas of what I think will happen to Tara:
1. Claude will show up (waited for that to happen all freakin' season) and he'll take Tara and Sookie to Fairy Land and save her life.
2. Sookie cured Eric's amnesia, maybe she has some fairy healing power or something.
3. Russell will show up, call Sookie "Miss Stackhouse" a few thousand times, and the two will make some kind of deal, Sookie "donates" her blood to him at certain times so he can daywalk and he'll save Tara.
All I know is Tara is one of the few, fairly interesting humans left, if she dies it'll be hard for me to continue watching.


In the books Salome is a sheriff and the maker of Mickey who is Tara's abusive vampire (not)boyfriend. Franklin Mott "passed" Tara onto Mickey because they had some sort of business together. But since Franklin is dead and Tara COULD be dead, I don't know how Salome is going to fit into the show. If the keep Tara alive, why would she date a vampire with her well known hate of fang? I suppose she could just be an important sheriff... but I don't know, hope Alan Ball doesn't fuck this storyline into the ground like he did with Amnesia Eric.