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NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

No, I agree that all have done things that could be considered abusive, especially Gibbs - if I worked for him, I wouldn't be working for him because I would have reported him to HR or shot him long before that. I hated both the Harper Dearing and Paloma Reynosa storylines, because they were about vengeance, not justice, and I think Gibbs should have faced severe sanctions - if not firing - for both. Both Tony and McGee should have faced disciplinary action for a number of things they have done. Abby - don't even get me started on her. However, this is the first time you have agreed with me that Ziva has done something that may be considered to be abusive. And that's the reason I tend to focus on Ziva's faults - because a lot of her fans seem to feel she is perfect and has no faults, or come up with excuses for why it's okay for her to behave the way she does. And while, no, she didn't say straight out Tony should be transferred, the implication was pretty damn clear: Ziva: It's Tony. I am still not convinced that he has been entirely truthful about Michael's Rivkin's shooting.
Gibbs: He gave you his word.
Ziva: I am not sure we can work together. Perhaps it is best if one of us gets transferred to another team.
Gibbs: Transferred?
Ziva: I need to be able to trust the people that I work with.
I know you, more than anyone, understand that. (emphasis mine) There was no way, with that last line, she was not telling Gibbs Tony should be transferred, and playing on his so-called debt to her for killing Ari. In terms of her "apology" to Tony, she never apologised for attacking him, not even when he called her on it in the bathroom (in fact, she chastises him instead): Ziva: When you shot Michael, I almost killed you where you stood.
Tony: I wasn't standing.
Ziva: No, you weren't. You were lying on the ground without adequate backup, completely violating protocol.
Tony: And double-parked.
Ziva: Yes, I noticed. But that does not matter.
Just like it does not matter how it worked out for Michael.
Tony: So what does?
Ziva: That you had my back. That you have always had my back and that I was wrong to question your motives.
Tony: So why did you?
Ziva: I trusted my brother Ari. I trusted Michael. I could not afford to trust you.
Tony: I thought you weren't sure what to say.
Ziva: Guess I had a long time to think about things.
Tony: I'm sorry, Ziva.
Ziva: No. It is I who am sorry. Your instincts were right.
You were a cop, And I should have never faulted you for thinking like one. She's not apologising for the assault, she's apologising because she kept accusing him of being jealous of Rivkin as his motivation for distrusting him. The assault on Tony has never, ever been dealt with - in part, I think, because I understand there was a huge backlash against Shane Brennan and the writers over it that they didn't expect, and they just wanted to move past it as quickly as they could, to the detriment of the story and the characters. I would have loved to see Ziva deal with what had happened to her in Somalia - I know Cote de Pablo and Gary Glasberg both decided that she had been sexually abused while in Salim's hands and wanted to play the character that way, and I think Cote de Pablo really could have pulled it off. I so wish we had seen that (the aftermath, not the act itself) storyline. I think it would have gone a long way to mitigating the damage they did to the character in season 6. But instead we got a half-assed couple of episodes where they referred in passing to her having mandatory psych sessions which it was obvious she didn't want to be at, and a quick little scene with Vance playing mean old NCIS director towards her, and then she was, to all intents and purposes, fine again. And for that I blame the writers.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 10 Review: House Rules

Your last comment goes both ways, Beverly. I agreed with you about McGee. I've said that I agree with you somewhat on Ziva as well. I've pointed out, calmly and politely and without insulting you, three instances that make me disagree with you and take my position and why they do so. And yet in your eyes, I'm the bad guy and continue to be, no matter what I say or how much proof I provide that maybe Ziva was problematically written at times and that perhaps the writers should have dealt with it before they tried to push Ziva and Tony into a relationship, because I didn't fall to my knees weeping and and say "of course you were totally right and I was totally wrong". And I notice that you chose not to answer my question about how you would feel if the roles were reversed.

NCIS Round Table: Are You Hot for Husband?

Actually it was hinted in earlier seasons that he was at very least emotionally abusive and quite possibly physically abusive. That got retconned when Robert Wagner was cast, and he was turned into the loveable conman. McGee ended up getting the father Tony described in early seasons, despite the fact the audience was told in those earlier seasons that Tim and his father had a very close and caring relationship.