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Revenge Review: Do Unto Others

Annndddddd....I'm done. Just can't keep watching this show. The whole premise was built on Emily plotting REVENGE against the people who wronged her dead father who by all accounts actually wanted her to forgive these people. All of that is gone now. Revenge has become murderous, her dead father is alive, and surprise, not so dead daddy is a murderer, too! Buh - Bye.

Game of Thrones Review: It's Only Wine

Well played GoT. Well played. I have been begging for the death of that tool from day one and FINALLY get my payoff only to have a viewer fave be falsely accused. I'm hooked & almost want to read the books now so I don't have to wait to see where the story goes!

Parenthood Review: Mixed Signals

Solid episode.
I am not a fan of the Hank/Sarah pairing but not b/c of Sarah. She's taken a long time to "find herself" and that may be flighty for some esp in comparison of Adam & Julia & almost even Crosby but it could be Soooo much worse. I thought she clicked best w/ Carl.
Drew needs to grow up a little. What's her face was just a bed buddy who wasn't interested in him until she couldn't have him anymore. He's gone from sensitive to an emo caricature. Why can't he just get a haircut & have some fun??
Even Knight is hot in a very geeky but cool kind of way. I want to date a guy like him. :) However, I do NOT agree that Julia should have taken him back to her place. That was very inappropriate.
And I am confused about Zeek and Camille...I thought they were selling the house so they could travel more & do all the things Camille dreamed her 3rd chapter would be like? Why buy another house if that's true? Can someone correct me on this?