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It's always frustrating when there's no smooth transition between seasons. The result is a premiere that spends a majority of its time catching viewers up and tossing a lot of information at them in an uncreative way. Here, we were pretty much just told that Batista and Laguerta divorced... the latter blackmailed herself to the captain's job... Deb and Quinn are living together... Dexter bought the apartment next to him and hired Batista's sister as a nanny.... and Masuka is hiring an intern. Okay my questions to you is, why is this not creative and do we really need to spend a lot of time on these little subplots? My answer is no them telling us was perfectly fine in my eyes,why because we have been with these characters for 5 seasons now most of us understand the characters. For example Batista and Laguerta getting divorce seen it coming, Laguerta is a power hungry woman and through out the series hey character has been more than questionable at times,so blacking mailing herself into a better position and divorcing Batista because he isn't on her level should be a big surprise and should not need to be shown on screen the subtle mention was effective we didn't need to see deb and Quin actually move in they were already practically living together last season,it is the opening show you have to utilize the show to update and introduce the new story all of the subplots were in place in the first ten minutes and the main plots and villains were already introduce so all we have now is a straight forward story . I would like to also ask about how the kills were poorly written, you already know that Dexter is smart enough to cover his tracks, I am thinking with the 1st kill or kills depending which way you look at it. He used a throw a way phone he clean the ambulance from any trace of evidence and took care of the bodies. Kill three the girl was place there as a logical way to get to the guy because Dexter wasn't having much luck getting that guy alone, so I am guessing that the woman was there hooking up with the men probably got the jocks number because he was next on her list and was too drunk to realize that her phone was missing until the next day also I am sure that Dexter Disposed of both cell phone living and if no one knows he is missing and has no way of checking his and her phone I don't see how Dexter could get caught. My question is do the writer have to explain everything to us? We have been watching Dexter for 5 season now, you know how Dexter get down. There is more I want to say but I feel like I need to do something else

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