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Wow: I thought Caroline was for the first time, are ready, an award winning actress. I never thought she would grow to become the most beautiful woman. She just shines now as an adult female. But, it hear the words "horny" out of her mouth was stupid. She should be more sophisticated than that. The "horny" was just silly. Duh, I'm horny. That is just lame dialogue. The 2nd season propelled these characters past high school "acting". Now, it seems they are trying to put the grown-ups back in the kiddy box. That was the worst episode I have ever seen. The whole party was stupid. A teacher would never be as dumb to be caught there. And, then the smoking of weed. Stupid. Was it a device to excuse Jeremy's visions... which were so lamely done. Please, graduate these characters from the high school mentality. Last season was not like that... except for the dances. Damon was awesome, Caroline was incredible (they gave her some bad dialogue that SHE saved do to her growth as an actress.) The sex scene was powerful and she was hot.. growing into her own sexuality as an adult and not a silly girl. Her whole look was incredible. I don't know what's different, but "Caroline" has matured into a run of the mill cute girl... into a beautiful absolutely perfect 10 of a human. Wow, props up to Caroline. Loss Matt, there is nothing for him to do. The weed was just overkill. I don't want to see them smoke weed and chugalug booze bottles. It cheapens them. I felt that, damn, I forgot his name... the werewolf that Caroline made hot sensual love with... anyway.. he's blossomed too.. but take it easy on the tooth whitening... yikes did those things look "too pretty" on a werewolf guy. Just lay off the bleaching trays for a little while and drink some coffee. I like white teeth, doesn't everyone, but "glow in the dark" teeth. Man the guy just doesn't neet them because his acting has grown also. He presented himself so amazingly... except he could not execute the dialogue "horny" without a gleamer in his eye (I would never say I'm horny to Caroline of all people) "I'm horny"... I was embarassed for the both of them. You can see horny a million ways... like there actors... so, they can say it just in there eyes, no dialogue. Or they could just say the show standard "I get it, I'm so frustrated all the time.. I get it. I get it. That works for everything on this show "I get it". Were the DUMBING down the characters and the juvenile party scene to fit in with that horrrific witch show. Kevin, oh my gosh, please, don't lose focus on the prize. You're writing was the bomb last year... don't stretch yourself to thin. Two series at a time is wicked on anyone. PS, all the actors on the new witch show were flat, except I thought Grandma was hot hot hot. She can act and is extremely naturally beautiful. She was natural beauty, not plastic. This show is just to 2D for me and the bartender who looked 15 doesn't have the chomps... trust in this. The witches are weak without unique beauty like Caroline, Damon or any of the characters on Vampire Diaries. The lead girl is cute but nothing unique but big beautiful lips. Other than that, the only thing that stood out for me was the grandmother character. Milk her man. She's got it. Make her seem good but DARK. She has the power to do both. Just my opinions. Peace out,