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Hannibal Review: Reckoning

I really, really loved last night's episode. I'm always amazed by the quality of it. The writing, acting, direction... I simply can't understand why so few people watch this true masterpiece.
About the episode itself, it was a strong premiere and I was literally on the edge of my seat. I don't usually comment on the reviews I read, but I really liked yours, Mr. McHatton! Sometimes reviewers merely describe the episode and fail to really "review" it, which is not the case here!
Anxious to watch the next one!

Will Brennan Propose to Booth on Bones?

Caaaaaaaaaan anybody PLEEEEEEEEASE remind me when this happened? "Deschanel adds that she “absolutely� believes Brennan is capable of doing the proposing herself, as Seeley implied she should.
I know this happened, but i cant remember when!!! thanksssss!


I've been telling my friends that Ezra is "A" for a while now. And they keep saying that I'm crazy. I've read clues all over the internet like the ones "anna-elina" posted. Ezra is "A" !!!