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Game of Thrones Review: Night Terrors

Yes, again all was done very well. Loved the views of Harenhall.
Just remember, very few wasted words in any episode.
Also, Lord Bolton is a person to remember. I have heard some complain there isn't enough magic/fantasy. Well, now there is that funny smoke. And Melisandra DID promise Stannis a son, she just didn't say what kind of son. More important, how did Little Finger get into Renly's camp so easy, and did he really convince Kat to do the unthinkable? Lancel, a pawn of a player? Stay tuned....


7slums Season 1 had only 4 places to deal with (the Wall, Winterfell, Kings Landing, the Vale and Dothraki). Season 2 has 9 places (4 from above, plus Dragonstone, Renly's Army, Harrenhall, Pyke, Riverrun) We haven't seen 2 of those places yet, or the characters involved with them.

Game of Thrones Review: Sexual Politics

Another comment.
The big guy in armor at the end, when Arya is captured, he is (or should be) the Mountain, seen jousting and fighting with his brother, the Hound, in season 1. And derided as an outlaw by Ned Stark.