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I was gutted that Jimmy was killed off, well more shocked really.

I thought that Jimmy's friend would follow him and shoot Eley who was stood behind Jimmy after Nucky had turned on Jimmy's wife's killer (forgot his name sorry mental blank).
Then Jimmy could partner Nucky with the upper hand, but hey ho not to be.

I appreciate the "youv'e killed Jimmy" outrage but the writers must know where it is going and I'm sure Nucky will get what's coming to him in the end.
Can't wait for it to return on Sky Atlantic, that with Blue Bloods,Game of Thrones, Hawiai 5 o and Spartacus has made very good viewing!


I agree she was a poor actress, looked like she been on the whiskey!

Nice body though.

She needs to be replaced so it can keep up with sex, nudity as well as the violence.

Gutted Jimmy was killed off, will his friend avenge his friends deaths?