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The Following Review: All Part of the Plan

Personally, I think this show is amazing so far! While it does have a good deal of violence, I don't think that's so rare these days. And this has the best "Holy S***!!" moments since ER! I was caught completely off-guard when Emma stabbed her mom! And Jordy dropping down from the ceiling? Super-creepy! Even the music was a great choice - again, evoked the scene in ER when Carter was stabbed... gripping, nerve-wracking, and intense. And played exceedingly well by all parties involved! Always loved KB and JP, so that's not too shocking, but so far the rest of the players are holding their own. But I'm with Claire - Joe's the only one I trust...

Castle Review: Behind the Murder

While it wasn't my favorite epi, I didn't totally hate it either, as so many here appeared to. I actually liked the case, and the real killer came as a total surprise to me! ESPECIALLY after seeing that C. Thomas Howell was the cult leader! I get a bit tired of the bad guy being the one recognizable guest star in the show, so this was a nice twist! I did think the mugging for the camera went on too long... you would think that after a few days of this, the guys would get back into the case and being the great cops they are, rather than trying to create sound bytes for the camera crew, but whatever. Cute, but kind of "meh" imo. STILL a huge fan, no matter what they do! Especially after the fun of last week's show! Keep it coming, Castle!

Bones Review: We Remember

I hardly even know where to begin with this episode. It was so moving, and poignant, and touching, and inspiring to me. I particularly loved Arastoo's monologue (or "rant" as some have called it), as I have some Muslim friends who were near me in Philadelphia when the planes hit, and I know that they were just as shocked and appalled and saddened by the actions of these extremists as I was. I also loved that he was bothered by the fact that he couldn't put this "homeless man" to rest, as he deserved. Then to have that man turn out to be not only a war hero, but a hero in the 9/11 tragedy as well? I don't remember an hourly series ever making me cry so much, or reminding me of that horrible day in such a non-sensationalistic and propagandasized way, and I truly appreciated it. And no - I'm not sure those are real words (ha). As for the butt-slapping... that was just Bones trying to understand a societal behavior in her usual endearing, awkward way. BRAVO!!!

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