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Ok, since I normally don' like to bash this way a show that I watch, here are some positive things about last night's ep:
- the music
- Chuck's line about Serena
- GG's return at the end
- Nate's storyline


Worst GG episode EVER.
It's not even the extremly streched, beyond stupid and ridiculous storylines that bothered me, like Blair dumping Chuck cuz she made a deal with God - seriously, who is she now, Michelle Bachman 2.0?
OR Chuck and Louis teaming up? Really, Louis, your fiance and supposed love of life lost your baby and THAT'S how u comfort her? Speaking of which: The whole baby plot was a shame. At least losing it would have been an interesting journey for Blair, show some real pain, growth...but that tiny scene in the hospital where she cried...ridiculous. She'd probably cry longer if she spilled coffee on her Prada or something. What was really the lowpoint of this episode, and the entire show so far was the bad, pathetic, cheesy writing. That first scene bw Chuck and Louis? I also thought that's kind of a dream sequence or a film noir parody of some sort. But really, each and every line sucked I think (except maybe Chuck describing Serena as blonde pseudo-sibling).

OM-G is Back

aww, she looks like a true GG villain. Love the outfit. Go Georgina!!! Smack lil' Charlie down the empire pleeease!! :)

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game-changer's Anatomy (Spoilers)

"Something has to happen to Izzie's fertilized eggs." LOL anuflas, you are SO RIGHT!!! Maybe KH will do a cameo and just grab her eggs and run....:D Okay I'm being crazy here. But this egg-thing just cracked me up. :D Thanks!!!!!!

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Most awkward scene? (Episodes)

Okay, I think for me the absolutely, definitely WORST scene ever was in season 3, in the 2nd part of the 2part episode where Mer nearly drowns and it looks like she's not gonna make it, and Izzie gives her speech to the others about "I believe that we will survive..." or something like that. For me, NOTHING can "top" that. Baaaaad acting, and waaay to bad and cheesy writing. Geez, just thinking about that makes me wanna throw up.


And I DO love the show!! :)

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Izzie never asked to meet her daughte?

I think there is one simple explanation: the writers forgot about that storyline...

Because otherwise, I don't see any reason why a possibly dying Izzie wouldn't want to see her daughter or at least tell about her to her friends - especially Alex.  Okay, the not-wanting-to-see-her, I can find an explanation: she doesn't want the girl to see her like this, you know, after seeing her biological mother and talking to her for the first time, and then immediately hit by the shock and tragedy that she might die...

But I would bet on my very first explanation.

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