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I LOVE the TVD round table. Sometimes I don't know if I'm more excited for the episode or reading the round table that follows it. 1) Favourite scene was actually the last scene with Elena and Stefan. I'm still debating whether Stefan is pretending to lose his humanity or not but I'm enjoying every single one of his scenes.I preferred this scene because of Elena. She was definitely less annoying this episode, not trying to promote underage drinking but she is a better character with it. Loved when she stabbed him after he called her pathetic. Woop woop! 2) Surely Katherine can't die. Aren't vampires only supposed to die if they're stabbed in the heart, heart ripped out or severed head? She'll be back, but hopefully with a better story line. 3) Erm, Rebekah with the splits I think. 4) Vicki needs to leave and never come back. She wasn't great when she was alive and she's no better when she's dead. Anna however is the only thing that makes Jeremy interesting. Apart from that ghosts are a bore. I agree, if they're dead they're dead. I don't like this as an excuse to bring everyone back... Not interested -_- 5) I'm trying to think of every reason but I can't justify how Rebekah got in the house. You can't compel someone to let you in. Yes Tyler could have invited her when she gave him the blood bag but as a vampire he no longer has the authority to invite anyone in so... I don't get it. Maybe it's an error by the writers. I mean they did over look the fact that if no living person is living in a house anyone can go in but Logan Fell said he couldn't because he lived alone. *shrugs* it's TVD so I'll overlook it. But they've also done this with Elijah at Alaric's house. I hope this isn't becoming a habit.

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