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The Moon Stone Curse?

let me just get this cleared.. most of the comments are wrong.. but helpful in some other ways. the curse of the sun and the moon is the curse that an aztec shaman put in both werewolves and vampires because nature cannot stand the balance of both supernatural beings, now , if the vampires breaks the curse, they can walk in the sun, if werewolves break the curse, they can turn whenever they want. they need a witch to break the curse, and elena has to die because she is the human doppleganger of the original petrova which is said that her name is tatia. there are comments saying that katherine is the one whi supposed to die because she is the doppleganger, but its wrong. katherine is a doppleganger but she is no longer human so her blood is no use to the curse anymore, elena is the 2nd doppleganger and she is human so she is the one who has to die. the petrova doppleganger exists every 500 years, the original petova(tatia), existed 1000 years ago when the original vampires were created. they used her blood to become a vampire. but according to elijah, the aztec curse is fake, klaus (the original hybrid) wants to break the curse, the real curse is placed on klaus, his mother has been unfaithful to her husband so she had an affair with one of their neighbours who turns out to be from a werewolf bloodline, they had a baby and that is klaus , klaus mother's real husband didnt know about this so he thought that klaus is his son, but when one of klaus' brother died, his parents finds a way to let them be an immortal, and thats when vampires are created, but when klaus made his 1st kill, he activated his werewolf side, which made him a hybrid,but the witches took his werewolf side and sealed it in the moonstone, and thats the real curse, klaus was the one who made up the aztec curse , in order to make it easier to break the curse, a witch shoul break it using both vampire and werewolf blood, while klaus has to be drinking elenas blood.

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