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I couldn't understand why, at the end, the whole team (and no one else from NCIS) is converging at the hospital to "be there for Vance" instead of being with Ziva who has just lost her father. Come on, people. There are other NCIS teams (presumably) and if Gibb's team and Abby and Ducky are there, then surely at least the leader from other teams would be there. But far more likely, Gibbs would be there for Vance while the others would go to be with Ziva. I don't understand why Ducky and Palmer didn't get the body for autopsy, but even if some other agency (CIA?) would have jurisdiction, surely Ducky would be using his connections to stay infromed and help Ziva out. Then DiNozzo and McGee and Abby would have gone to Ziva, to keep her company. That is in the real world. In TV Land, everyone congregates around the hospital where the boss is and leaves Ziva alone.