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Suits Season Finale Review: You Can't Go Back

@Edieward You are a sorry excuse for a lawyer if you cannot see the simple fact that no one has ever claimed Mike is a member of the CA Bar or any other Bar for that matter. In fact, each time the subject of his credentials has arisen in the show, the tension is increased ten-fold. As a lawyer, I'm sure you're aware that no one checks your Bar membership when you enter a courtroom...particularly when you're known or someone who is known vouches for you. The fact that you have twisted this part of the show in an effort to discredit it is typical ambulance-chaser. The show has never claimed Mike was practicing law as a member of the Bar. The show has gone out of its way to highlight the lack of Mike's official credentials over-and-over. You, Edie, are a charlatan and an affront to Harvard Law School, and based on your writing, I gather you are not a graduate of the latter.