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True Blood Review: Boom Goddess?

I think that they need to fire Alan Ball. He is totally screwing this show up. I love the books and while I realize that they probably will not keep this show going for 13 seasons, I wish Alan Ball would get over all the gay crap and stop trying to shove Sookie on Bill. I don't like his view of Faery and the way he made Fairies ugly. Claudine was a major part of the books and he killed her and how will he introduce her fairy grandfather now? Calvin Norris was important in the books and he turned him into an A** and killed him. Sophie Ann and the summit in Rhodes is important to all the characters but most important to Sookie and Eric. I don't expect the show to follow the books to a T but I think it should be at least somewhere in the same zipcode! And when will Sookie get to blow Debbie Pelt away?!? And how is amnesia Eric supposed to bury her and dispose of her car? I think I see how Alcide will become packmaster but I very much dislike the current packmaster. Will I continue to watch the show? Heck, yes! I can't help myself and I think that is why AB is taking such creative liberties with the show. He knows that we will all keep coming back to see what's next even if we hate what he is doing to the show.

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