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vanessa williams would be a good mom for vanessa, or pershia white from girlfriends i think it should definately be someone light skinned vanessa doesnt even look mixed.
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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 54

nate: blair where is chuck?
blair: in the limo waiting for me, we are going to hawaii to be alone for the summer.
nate: blair come on really alone
blair: what?
nate: blair!
blair: okay okay yes dorota will be at our beacon call.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 54

blair: nate im so happy that chuck finally told me he loves me. i love him so much.
nate: yeah well me too.
blair: you mean your happy for me and chuck?
nate: im happy because im still in love with jenny.
blair: well she is the queen B.
nate: she is well guess im going back to vanessa again, im not dealing with queens again.

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New set pics B/C Kiss woot (Spoilers)

omg this is what i have been waiting for im so happy i just hope it last please writers chair forever.

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Chuck and Blair PETITION

they do belong together please please please bring them back together.

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i also think that blair may be doing the play for extra credit or she wont get to go to yale and dan is just doing cause carr probably asked him to because it would piss off blair.

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