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The Following Review: Love and Death

i have tried and tried to enjoy this show. i really like purfoy and bacon. but the word is enjoy. i find myself upset with the outlandish goings on(and i don't with for instance Banshee,which you have to allow for some real outlandish stuff,same with many series,any really)so much so that i am more agitated than entertained...i can't put my finger on it except that i am somehow offended by the material. i watch so many shows that require the viewer to just go with it i was surprised,so i will try again,but i have to do it on the dvr so i can ff etc...antone else more agitated than entertained?

NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Rock-Paper-Scissors

writers have used the gitmo and patirot threat on police preceedurals for a decade now. the characters usually using the threat with glee and the attitude of "we can do anything we want now" i always and still do find it offensive..whetherly's character on NCIS has used it a few times as well...i find it distasteful,even if it is something they do...maybe naive,but i need these likable characters to know better...if it is a situation the warants it somehow,fine,but then we are not talking about those...

Downton Abbey Review: Strange Bedfellows

i am betting that mrs o'brien's secret is that "andy" is her son,not her nephew???yes,no?...i was surprised that she was so cruel to someone she seemed to like...betrayal is far worse than simple cruelty..we know she is cruel,but....the show is always a 10...

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