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TVD fans Boycotting to lower ratings

Julie was probably calling Bonnie strong and beautiful to not appear racist, as accused of doing so because of Bonnie's screentime and endless messages about it. 

Matt Davis was not racist about the remark but trying to point out that Julie wasn't racist. As Kat is both black and has Jewish descent, he is merely pointing out that people are always looking to bring up race issues into arguments when it is not needed. I am of black origin and a Bonnie fan but am in no way offended by this remark. Certain fans point out that black people should be offended by Bonnie's screentime because of her colour, then Jews should be too, as she is of Jewish origin. But this is not the case. All out of context. I want Bonnie to have a bigger role on the show, but they need to involve her character more.

However, Matt's comments regarding a fan's death was uncalled for. He should have ignored any messages that were getting on his nerves.

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