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Gossip Girl was ruined the moment they decided to make Blair an idiotic teenager that screw her life by getting pregnant.

Nikita Review: Secret Loyalties

The hero of this episode (to me) was Amanda. She reminded me of the thing I loved the most about the show... the plot twisting and changing in unexpected ways due to the characters ulterior motives. It was refreshing to see Nikita without Michael for a second, their doe eyes and couple moments make me feel as though I'm watching a soap opera instead of an ACTION/drama show. As for Alex...(sigh), I liked her from second one. she was feisty and determined despite of her terrible life story. Now this Alexandra Udinov (second sigh)... she's a lost child that doesn't have any spark or skills. I would like for her to stand stronger and show herself as a valuable player again because right now she is everybody's pawn.

Nikita Review: "Knightfall"

I don't know. I liked the Michael/Nikita interactions but at the same time I can't imagine watching them being like this for the rest of the season. I don't see a strong plot-line this season... and yes we know the characters motives (except for Amanda's) but I still don't believe them. I would have Alexandra kill Michael by accident while being all revenge dazed. That would devastate Nikita and have her fight Alex while actually meaning it.