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The chemistry of this cast is what makes this show work! However, the ego of Shane Brennen is what's making the show begin to tank. I'm surprised his head fits throught the doorways at CBS. I've read interviews where he seems so snide and over-confident. Enough with the FLASHBACK sequences. Are you going through MENoupause Mr.Brennen? Those hot flashes must be a bitch.

NCIS Spoilers: Gibbs Sr. Lives!

Please, spare me the geeks. As mamma's old saying goes, "Pi** and get off the pot." already Mr. Brennan. This Gibbs thing is getting old, just like the TIVA bull. Move on, shall we. I've come up with some great senarios in my twisted little mind. I even took the time to start writing one of them down because I got so bored with last season.

NCIS Sirens Dish on the Battle For Gibbs

Ok. It is almost getting humorous to watch Gibbs with the new "flavor of the month." No I won't apologize for the comment. His "almost" kiss with Hart...he looked like he forgot what to do with his lips, it's been so long. Cut the poor man a break! Hasn't he been miserable enough in his life? And all without ever seeing a therapist or taking an anti-depressant. Just give Gibbs a chunk of wood and a piece of sandpaper and it cures all his troubles. Oh...and a bottle of bourbon helps too. The man's life is one big tragedy, masked in work. That's why all his marriages tanked. Fun guy. He told Fornell in the episode after the near-kiss he was a happy guy. Really? I'd hate to see him crabby.

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