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I wonder why they bother with the "?" at the end of the title of the episode. It was like watching a bad version of "The End of the Affair" and though the movie is a favourite of mine, Gossip Girl made that story look ridiculous and offensive. If it weren't for Ed and Leighton's incredible acting skills, the episode would be a disaster.
God, really? Are the writers running out of contrived ideas to keep Chuck and Blair apart that they had to get God involved? All this for the sake of drama and to satisfy their desire to throw a royal wedding and do whatever 'stop and explore' story lines. Enough is enough already!
At least Serena and Blair got some screentime because their friendship has been ignored for so long. The last Chuck and Blair was beautiful and tragic and proof that Ed and Leighton are this show's only saving grace. If the only thing I'm looking forward to is Nate teaming up with Gossip Girl then all I have to say is: "Gossip Girl writers, pull yourself together."

Gossip Girl Review: A Princess in Peril

The episode was exceptional and by far the best of season 5. Chuck and Blair killed their scenes! They were amazing. So emotionally charged and heartfelt. I still can't get over how awesome Chuck was when he said that he would love Blair's baby as much as he loves her. Chuck's growth is the best part of this season and I couldn't be happier about how mature and selfless he's been so far. Blair's declaration of love in the limo was simply perfect when Chuck once again tried to make sure she knew she made the right decision. Is there any question that these two love each other more than anything? Too bad their reunion was short lived. :( I can't take any more obstacles thrown in their way. Nate is the most adorable guy ever!! I hate that he has all these family issues but I'm glad that he's resolved not to be jerked around. Our boy is growing up. Serena was clearly being jealous about Blair taking refuge in Dan's loft but despite her selfish motivations, she was right. Blair didn't need Dan's confession, she needed his help to choose between Louis and Chuck. I don't get why Dan's decision to bring Blair to Chuck is being so blown out of proportion. I mean yes, he was a very good friend to Blair and helped her do what she had asked him to. But I wouldn't go as far as to say he selflessly sacrificed, well, anything. Simply because there wasn't anything to sacrifice to begin with. Blair was abundantly clear that she was torn between Chuck and Louis and Dan was never even considered to be an option. Plus Louis was only an option because of the baby. Even Dan knew it was a lost cause and it would only burden Blair. So yes, he was a good friend but what he did is in the job description of being someone's friend. But he was downright inconsiderate towards Serena while she still has feelings him. Poor S! Ivy was awesome until she decided to tip off the paps. I will forever hate her for that even if I think her and Nate are cute together.
I'm dying to know who Diana is and what's her relationship with Jack Bass. Please, don't let her be yet another relative that is after Chuck. Poor boy has enough issues to last him a lifetime. Loved Lily and Chuck's little scene. Those two are so adorable together and Lily is an amazing mother to Chuck. Love their interactions.
I can't wait for the next episode. It looks intense Till then I'll be worrying for Chuck (even though I'm sure he will make it) and what happens with Chuck and Blair. Why, oh why is the wedding still on?

Gossip Girl Review: Sources of Evil

Finally an episode that was focused on friendships! I really missed that. I admit that Serena's speech made me tear up a little. I'd missed the besties so much and the show had been neglecting them for so long.
Serena knows Blair the best and she proved it by throwing her the best bridal shower that Blair could ever wish for. The only downside to this scenario was that it was for Blair's wedding to the most horrible character ever. Louis is a creeper and the biggest jerk! The fact that he doesn't like S only makes me hate him more. He needs to GTFO immediately. I'm glad that Blair got to her senses and confronted him about his actions. Now if she only broke up with him once and for all.
Duck!! Duck were hilarious! I can watch Chuck Bass pwning Dan all day long. Or watch him taking Monkey for a walk. It's a tough choice! There was some tough love courtesy of Chuck there as well. And aww, how sweet was he when he took care of a drunk Dan. My Bass boy is becoming a wonderful man! There was some weird family vibe in the last scene.
Nate is the sweetest guy in the show! I still can't believe that he never sent a text to Gossip Girl.
Ivy is an evil genius and I kinda like her a lot. The girl has got moves!
I loved seeing Serena and Blair bonding. It needs to happen more often, show! Also, Serena made my night by being the best friend and sister all at once. Thank you for making Blair see the light, S! :)
And finally CHAIR! No words, I have no words. It was the shortest Chair scene ever but it was worth it!! Those two have such an incredible chemistry that they only need seconds to take your breath away.
Next week: I can't wait for Chair in therapy together! As Chuck would say, "This is going to be fun."