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The episode could have been worse, I’ll give it that. On the other hand...
I already dislike Navid’s kid sister, while he and Silver setting up home together just feels weird and premature. Which it would be for, say, any other 18-year-old couple who have only been going out a number of months. Will Annie ever use her holidays to do something enjoyable? Given the way she spent her two previous summers in Beverly Hills, she clearly drew the short straw once again. I would be devastated if I passed up two potential trips just to sit at home with no contact from my other half, like she did. Truthfully, I believe that she and Liam have now reached their sell-by date, and the fact that she was supposedly the only one he has ever loved is just an insult to Naomi. Jeremy, meanwhile, looks to be a good replacement / rebound.
When I heard that Liam would become the new owner of a bar, I was intrigued; no way did I anticipate his acquisition happening in such a moronic, could-be-done-better way. Let’s hope it’s all uphill from here. I also enjoyed seeing Cory Matthew’s dad making a surprise appearance.
Dixon really should have been far angrier at Navid for messing up his whole living arrangement all for the sake of pulling a “hilarious� revenge prank. Hopefully, he won’t regret taking Austin on as a housemate.
It’s a shame to see Teddy fading into the background, especially since the gay storyline humanised him for me; he was no longer the typically handsome, sporty, playboy from season 2, but now had some actual depth. Was it even mentioned where he was flying to? Wherever it is, he’ll be missed. I’m honestly glad that Naomi is not pregnant – it’s been done before, and it frees her up for greater storyline potential (like getting arrested, perhaps?). The whole “buying the perfect party house� thing was a bit over-the-top, but then it is 90210.
I am eager to see how Adrianna attempts to redeem herself and make some positive changes. No doubt it will take effect in due course.

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