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Castle Photo Preview: One Hot Entrance

I disagree that they should have won best couple. Now that they are engaged, there is almost no couple-like interaction between them. Someone tuning in for the first time would never know they were even a couple or if they caught them in a bedroom scene they would think they had been together for 20 years because there is certainly no spark between them.

Castle Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

I totally agree with the analysis. I can't believe Alicia Logano wasn't nominated for an Emmy. Although Fillion was great in that episode, her portrayal of an unstable hostage taker is what really made that episode the best one of the year. Overall, I've really enjoyed this season, but the relationship is flat. Whenever Castle and Beckett are together,the writers go for some ridiculous laugh instead of giving us some quality time between them. For instance, having Kate being afraid of a lion picture and making a big issue out of it and having their bedroom turn into Grand Central station and the worst gag ever - having Kate dress up as Pochahantas. Such a waste when we are longing for real couple interaction. I really miss their flirtatious banter and now that they are together, there should be lots of affectionate touching and kissing, but it seems they've been ordered to never touch. Not even hold hands or have Castle put his arm around her waist - nothing. It's gotten bizarre.

Castle Review: The Billionaire's Kiss

Kate was out of line here. No matter what Castle says or does it makes her doubt him. When he told her he loved her she lied about remembering it. The next time she yelled at him for withholding info about her moms case. The only time she's ever wanted him is when he's told her he's thru then she always decides to reel him back in. He always takes her back no matter what. How can she doubt he's in it? It took her 4 years to get with Castle but in minutes she's drinking champagne and kissing Vaughn. (He didnt just kiss her, she closed her eyes and leaned in) I thought it was bizarre. Kate needs to decide if she actually loves Castle. The guy couldn't do any more for her than he's already done.

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