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Castle Season 8 Episode 6 Review: Cool Boys

"When did this show decide to go from being smart and witty to stupid funny?" It started happening in season 5. Maybe even before. The Castle character was already being turned into a bumbling doofus while they made Beckett perfect at everything. Now they are equal-opportunity destroying all the characters on the show. I enjoyed Cool Boys. It was great not having to think about the stupid separation and the ridiculous way everyone is handling it. I've been a loyal fan from the beginning, but frankly it is time for these 2 to get divorced and quit acting like there is a chance for their marriage. Kate's not interested in being married (she likes the concept of having someone to love). Rick, the former playboy, inexplicably has no desire for sex or romance and has no backbone to quit chasing after Beckett like a lost puppy when she obviously thinks very little of their marriage. It's time to end this disaster. The show and characters bear little resemblance to what I fell in love with.

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Castle Season 8 Episode 5 Review: The Nose

I agree with everything you said and please end this ridiculous arc while there are still some fans left.

Castle Round Table: What Was Left Unsaid

This episode didn't answer any of the questions. The guy needed someone he trusted who was famous enough that they wouldn't dare kill him and yet they kidnapped this famous person and he effectively disappeared from the face of the earth so what would it have mattered if they had also killed him? No one ever would have known what happened. There obviously was no good reason to ruin the wedding and after another whole season they couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation why they did it. As a fan I feel like I was kicked when they gave us the lame proposal. While I was down they decided to to really kick me hard when the beautiful wedding they had set up was destroyed. Before I could get up they stomped on me again throwing in all kinds of ridiculous plot points to make it look like Castle decided to disappear on his own. None of it made any sense. Then kick me some more by having the lamest wedding imaginable in front of the cheesiest green screen possible. They couldn't even be bothered to invite their precinct family or let Kate's dad have a father daughter moment (but they could let the former alcoholic drink champagne). Don't even get me started on the most ridiculous, unromantic honeymoon in the history of TV. They seem to take a particular joy in ruining every important moment in the lives of Beckett and Castle to bring their fans as much disappointment as possible. This could have been a great show. It started out that way, but now they are really working overtime to destroy it.