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Glee Review: They're Baaaaaaaack!

This review sounds like how a sorority sister would recap to her friends. You can do better than this tvfanatic.com

Rookie Blue Round Table: "What I Lost"

I agree with most of what was said above except the question of Sam being hard on Andy. He was asking that question to get under her skin and figure out why Nick and her were at the park together. How could that crime have been premeditated? Unless someone can predict the future and know that an old man was going to have a heartache. Chris and Denise do not live in the city anymore so its not like Christian would have been at that park a lot. Without question is was a crime of opportunity. And if it were my child and a police office was asking ridiculous questions like that I would ask for a new detective with a clearer head on my case.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Ready or Not

I'm obviously in the minority but the Arizona/Lauren plot makes sense. Something has seemed off between Callie and Arizona for most of the season. I'm not sure if it is PTSD but Arizona has definitely changed since the plane crash and Callie just seems to want to move on while Arizona has fundamentally changed. Who knows if this will be the end of them (I don't think that it will) but it will definitely be an interesting finale and next season in regards to Calzona. Also, they couldn't have gotten that kid Ethan out of there sooner. Owen wants kids, always has and Christina doesn't so they are over. At least they should be, it wont be true to Christina's character to make her want kids just for Owen so that better not happen. It's what I've been saying all season, Owen and Christina need to be over and Owen needs to be written out of the show.