Natie needs a hug

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 70

LMAO, serenatechair, yours is hilarious!
"Blair: Just to warn you Georgina, last time I was a roommate, it didn't work out so well... " XD

Gossip Girl Ratings Slide; What Can Be Done?

the writers need to rewatch season 1. thats what needs to be done.
also we need more NJBC scenes, and hot chair (how bad does your writing have to be to make huck and Blair boring?)
seriously, season 1 was the shizz, now it's just errm....

Three More Sneak Previews of "The Freshmen"

"Vanessa's cool, and people like her," .... no, just....no.

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For you

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Your Top Five Caracters

runner-up: JD (scrubs)

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Your Top Five Caracters

1. veronica mars (Veronica Mars)

2. buffy summers (BtVs)

3. Blair Waldorf (gg)

4.Sylar  (Gray?) (heroes)

5. Jeremy Darling (dirty,sexy,money)

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