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The really need to show more of MerDer because the show is called GREY'S Anatomy. They are like the only reason why I watch the shwo not to mention, if ellen leaves the show won't be good so they need the most of her while she is there.

McDreamy Still Shaken Up on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith better tell Derek Tell right away. I think by the middle of this season Meredith will be Pregnant. Plus, do you honestly think if Derek goes to jail he will be there long anyways.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 215

Derek: (Thinking) Why is she looking at me? April: (Out Loud) i love you! Derek: What? April: Here's your jacket. Go get them.

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

To Alex Guest:

That quote is Form Meredith not christina. It was in one of the first episodes from one of the first seasons.

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Five favourite characters

1. Meredith because she is amazing in the show

2.Derek because his and Meredith's relationship is the bets on the show.

3. christina becaus eshe is hard-core.

4. Callie because she is fun.

5. Arizona because she is sweet and kind.

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