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Hawaii Five-O Review: "Kame'e"

I hate the Kono storyline, too, and can't believe the writers missed the opportunity to have her rant to Chin how Steve and Danny have left her to spin in the wind after McGarrett talked her into doing that job.
And while you may like Lori Weston - nothing against her - but ANOTHER hot blonde haole? What, they don't have any hot non-haoles on that whole island? And BTW I'm a blonde myself, but seriously, c'mon.
And what happened with what's her name, the geeky CIA girl who suddenly turned out to have an in with Wo Fat? Suddenly that story arc seems to have disappeared? Or will they pick that up again later.
I like adding Joe White - he adds balance and gravity to the show.
Frankly, I'm a little worried that last season's kill the governor episode might have been 5-0's jump the shark moment. I loved the show as it stood, with the great interaction between Steve and Danny. I kept hoping they would develop the characters of Chin and Kono - maybe this will do it.
Oh, and can they do two things?
A. Stop having Chin go first so Steve has to pull him back from imminent death? (shotgun trap last night, the bomb last season)
and B. Stop having Steve play Mighty Mouse, racing (or skydiving) in at the last minute to save the day?

NCIS Review: "Defiance"

I have one huge problem with the show last night - a gaping plot hole. If the whole thing was about Adrianna staging her own kidnapping, what about the poor beggar her professor had blow himself up? And the Marine that got killed? That's going over the top for elaborate staging. I'm guessing getting herself kidnapped was the GREATER of two evils for her?
I love the show, but that one had me a little confused.


Unlike the others I have to agree. My biggest problem though was the swiftness with which Kono arrived to 'kick ass'. Wasn't she at their headquarters? How did she arrive sooner than McGarrett and Chin, who were in the same building ?
And I actually laughed when I saw McGarrett with the eye paint. What, does he carry the stuff with him? He's trying to be stealthy but doesn't turn his phone off, then answers it while he's trying to haul this huge log up into a tree? The trap was lame, too. What, he couldn't take this one guy out?
It was great to see Chin getting to interact emotionally.
The side story with Danno looked like it might get interesting, and would have made a good on-going side story arc, but then they wrapped it up in ten seconds with an episode that would have had Danny up on charges of assault and police brutality.
I love the show, but this was definitely not up to their usual standards.