i am 16, i luv vampire diaries, i go to school at DM and am in gr 11 i luv hanging with my friends and blogging on gossip sites

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The End of the Affair

daaaaaaayyuuuuummmm stefan! he was one sexy badass vamp back in the day! kinda like a vampire in the present da (yes im talkin bout damon!) also i can soooo see the delena thing happening now that stefan made it crystal clear he duznt want to be wth elena (rite to her face he said it!) and i liked the whole rescue thing tht went on with caroline and her mom and tyler, i like tht her mom is now team vampire! carolines dad seems like a total dick, and i wonder how stefan plans on getting the necklace back from elena since hes tossed her out of his life, and i wonder if rebecca's a good vampire? and who is this mystery witch? sooo many good questions with no answers! im now a delena shipper and a forwood shipper, 2 fav relationships in the show! i hope i get my questions answered next week! TEAM DELENA FTW!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 75

"yes! I got the list of the teen choice awards for lots of nominees for...best vampire, sweet! thank god i was able to find connections to get the list. lets see what we got here....best male vampire nominees: ian somerhalder, paul westley, and robert pattinson. -grabs pencil- who's going to win? its up to me!
i pick....ian somerhalder. -crosses out rest of names- best female vampire nominees: nina dobrev and candice accola.
I shud really not be selfish here...who am i kidding! i win
-crosses outother name- now the nominees for best vampire franchise: vampire diaries, true blood, and twilight saga i shud really play fair...naah! vampire diaries FTW!!!
-crosses out rest of names there, im done! now to give this to the host of the TCA!!! isnt a competiton so much more fu whe its rigged -devilish smile-

Starving Stefan

i meant **damons**