i am 16, i luv vampire diaries, i go to school at DM and am in gr 11 i luv hanging with my friends and blogging on gossip sites
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The End of the Affair

daaaaaaayyuuuuummmm stefan! he was one sexy badass vamp back in the day! kinda like a vampire in the present da (yes im talkin bout damon!) also i can soooo see the delena thing happening now that stefan made it crystal clear he duznt want to be wth elena (rite to her face he said it!) and i liked the whole rescue thing tht went on with caroline and her mom and tyler, i like tht her mom is now team vampire! carolines dad seems like a total dick, and i wonder how stefan plans on getting the necklace back from elena since hes tossed her out of his life, and i wonder if rebecca's a good vampire? and who is this mystery witch? sooo many good questions with no answers! im now a delena shipper and a forwood shipper, 2 fav relationships in the show! i hope i get my questions answered next week! TEAM DELENA FTW!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 75

"yes! I got the list of the teen choice awards for lots of nominees for...best vampire, sweet! thank god i was able to find connections to get the list. lets see what we got here....best male vampire nominees: ian somerhalder, paul westley, and robert pattinson. -grabs pencil- who's going to win? its up to me!
i pick....ian somerhalder. -crosses out rest of names- best female vampire nominees: nina dobrev and candice accola.
I shud really not be selfish here...who am i kidding! i win
-crosses outother name- now the nominees for best vampire franchise: vampire diaries, true blood, and twilight saga i shud really play fair...naah! vampire diaries FTW!!!
-crosses out rest of names there, im done! now to give this to the host of the TCA!!! isnt a competiton so much more fu whe its rigged -devilish smile-

Starving Stefan

i meant **damons**

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will katharine be released from the tomb any time soon??

i think she mite b/c there has to be an ending to the " originals' " hunt for her and im pretty sure elenas not going to be the one to be sacrificed...that idea is just wack! so my theory is that katharine will be released but not stay alive for long, but during the time of her release there will be some drama, shes probably been plotting her revenge against the salvatores for putting her in the tomb, but she has a sensitive part of her for the safety of elena, remember her final words b4 her entrappment in the tomb..."elenas in danger, shes the doppleganger she must be protected" by her saying that she knew rose and trevor were coming after her but she knew that now that shes in the tomb they would know shes there and get elena instead, and they knew it was elena cuz when elena explained who she was cuz she thought they thought she was katharine rose said she already knew who she was. so katharine would put her revenge on hold and focus on saving elena, but from new predators, since that dude elijah wasnt killed hes going after elena and the originals will show up for backup and they will find katharine instead of elena which is wat they came for, they will stake her and elena will be safe, and katharine would not have had a chance to go after the salvatores so all 3 of the main characters would be safe. i think my theory is pretty accurate dont u guys?? so in the end i think katharine will show that she has a little humanity left after like more than 145 years later, even though she wanted revenge over her past lovers but that will soon be ancient history!!!!!

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Hottest quotes of the show

lol i agree with that prom_queen!!!!!!!!!

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Rose and Damon photos!!!!!!!!!!!! and the others!!!!!!

bonnie and jeremy will make an adorable couple but as for rose, i think shes bad, if she has a connection to katharine in some weird way (not like how elena and katarine do) but still...then shes obviously evil or has a master plan or something and damon is trying to get close to rose as a plan to get elena out of there, cuz when he turns on the charm theres nuthin anyone can do to stop it, his plan will work and elena will b rescued

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