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NCIS Season Premiere Review: The Aftermath

This is perhaps one of the worst NCIS episodes I've ever seen and I think I've seen them all and many of them several times.
We've seen many explosions on NCIS before were people have been hurt or killed. So I was rather surprised that everyone on the team not only survived but survived with just a few cuts and bruises. The worst injury for the team was McGee who had perhaps 4 inches of a glass in his gut and he's back at work the next day! Please, why wasn't he in surgery fighting for his life.(that would have made for some dramatic scenes.)
Next Ziva and Toni stuck in the elevator –was this a joke - Ziva's Father, who sent her to the desert in the Horn of Africa to DIE- and who we know she considers dead to her- calls her from Israel to see if she is ok and we see no one in NCIS actually call either Toni or Ziva while they were stuck in the elevator!! If they can receive calls couldn’t they make calls? Plus they have nothing more to share with each other than thigh master legs and body smells!!!
Also since when is Ziva this lovey dovey comforting person. What was going on with her an Abby. This scene would have been better done with Gibbs or Toni or Mcgee from his hospital bed (if that fight for life scene had occurred). Ziva is much better when she is portrayed as a hard emotionless ball crusher who has difficulties expressing her emotions.
And Finally(although there are many more things that I can say) "What have the writers done to Toni's Character?". After such deep performances when he was undercover looking for Le Grenouille, or when Director Shepard was killed, or when he had to rescue Ziva, or when his father came to visit etc. he has been reduced to one liners like “Boss isn’t Dearing dead?� while eating a sandwich!!
The next episode has a lot to make up for. If not I will not be watching season 10 and I will have to get my NCIS fix by watching reruns of seasons 6 & 7.