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Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

So this weeks Gossip Girl episode was epic. Had all the elements of a good Gossip Girl episode, schemes, fashion, sex scenes and romance, oh and a cliff hanger ending. Last week I was reeling after Raina called Jack Bass, and this week with the scheming with Thorpe. And actually couldn't believe that Jack Bass was going to have Chuck committed. So when Nate, Jack and Chuck appeared I was so relieved. Jack Bass didn't strike again, his jokes about Blair were a bit on the insensitive side though. Silly Nate couldn't keep quiet at least until Thorpe left NYC. Although he was right to tell Raina about her dad. I wonder how long Raina will be sticking around, into next season perhaps? Charlie certainly managed to get her crazy on quickly. I wonder what her illness is, surely her mum should have enlightened Lily and Rufus before she left her there. I had a literally laugh out loud moment when Charlie told Dan to call her Serena. Dan's face was a picture! Hahaha! Cyrus and Blair scene was so cute. I hope Thorpe doesn't get too sinister with Blair. Surely he won't try and burn this building down too, trapping Blair. Prince, Dan and Chuck to the rescue??? I'm having to use all my restraint to stop myself reading any spoilers to the finale. Excited much!? Ed Westwick, highlight of the show. Dreamy!


So I didn't think Chuck was going to hurt Blair, but I think he was frustrated and vented his anger. Chuck has been on a downward spiral and hit rock bottom and hats off to Ed Westwick for doing it so well. I think hearing about Blair's engagement will force him to pull himself together to try and win back Blair. I think Blair still loves Chuck, but seems to be denying it to herself. She went to see Chuck though so it shows that she definitely feels something for him. Couldn't believe Nate in this episode. Chuck and Bate have always stood together, but Nates walked away from his supposedly best friend. Same goes for Serena, although Blair and Serena have lots of ups and downs, I didn't expect Serena to backstab Blair like that. Actually can't stand Serena. Vanessa seems to have an uncanny habit of being in the right place at the right time. Or perhaps she's taken to stalking the people that banned her. Felt quite sorry for her at the end, being outschemed by the newbie, when she was only trying to help. Nonetheless, I read today that's she's been fired from Gossip Girl (as is Jenny Humphries) so we won't be seeing her lurking behind bookshelves and dorways for much longer. Anyway I want Chuck to redeem himself and win back Blair, so they can rule again.


Well can I just say that Gossip Girl was on brilliant form tonight, from the clothes, music down to the scandal and Gossip Girl blast. I love Ed Westwick's tormented Chuck Bass, he does sultry and troubled brilliantly. And he's so gorgeous! Last weeks family portrait with Chuck standing alone was so sad, you could see the emotion in his face. However, we all know Chuck is messed up and we know why, bur that still doesn't excuse why he has made a significantly big gesture to win back his girl. Blair looked beautiful in as always, especially so in her pink dress. I enjoyed the banter and to and froing between Blair and Dan. So sweet. Absolutely hated Serena in this episode. I'm so glad that Blair told Serena how conceited she is. Everyone seems to adore her in the show, but finally somebody sees how self involved she really is. I still haven't decided who I'm backing Chuck, Dan or Louis. I think I want Chair because Chuck needs some happiness in his life, he needs someone in the family portrait. I do love Dairs banter but they can still have great banter as best friends. As for Louis, as somebody said before, I think that Blair just likes the idea of Prince Louis, he is a real life Prince Charming, straight out of a Disney fairytale. There's just no chemistry there though. Chair for love and Dair for friends, best friends in fact.

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