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It would have been nice to have had my question acknowledged.

Not very friendly, folks, not friendly at all.

(Don't you hear me knocking - RS song, same album, at least as fitting and the song I was looking for help with)


I'll answer my own question - there was an Alice in Chains song, and two Rolling Stones songs; the one I was looking for was "Can't you hear me knocking."

Thanks anyway.


At the end of the show there was a song... or toward the end, or somewhere in it - I'm extremely frustrated, there were only a few bars, no words and it wasn't Sympathy for the Devil. I checked IMDB for a listing of the tracks played in the episode and didn't find one - where would I get something like that? It's bothering me and I can't suss out what the song was...

Any help, please? :))